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Tin Room


Main Banquet Room


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30 people minimum, 48 people maximum

40 people minimum, 60 people maximum

55 people minimum, 78 people maximum

The tin room and main room can be combined for parties up to 108 guests.

60's Room

35 people minimum, 48 people maximum


The Patio

Main Banquet Room

60 people minimum, 90 people maximum

40 people minimum, 90 people maximum

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a room deposit?

Yes. For each of the rooms there is a $250 room deposit. Some rooms are $300.

Do I get my deposit back?

If you meet all the requirements for the room (the minimum amount of people) than you will get your deposit credited towards your bill on the night of the event. If you have to cancel your banquet, 14 days notice is required to get your full refund.

Is there a corkage fee for outside wine?

Yes. For outside wine it is $7 a bottle.

Can I rent out room for appetizers and cocktails?

Yes. For parties with just appetizers and cocktails there is a $250 non refunadble room rental fee. 

Can I bring my own desserts?

Yes. You may bring in any dessert you'd like. (cake, cupcakes etc.) Aj's only allows outside desserts, cakes, candy, wine & champagne only.

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